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Low Temperature Puff Pastry Update

I’ve been developing a low temperature puff pastry for over a year. Last July, I posted a first look at a puff pastry empanada. Since that time, the puff pastry testing has been sidetracked by other projects. Well, I’m relocating and could be offline for a while, so I’ve decided to finish the testing before I leave. The picture above shows the latest version of the puff pastry wrapped into an apricot-almond cream pithivier. I’ll post the recipe for the pithivier and one or two other recipes shortly.


Happy Earth Day 2011!

I hoped to post a recipe in honor of Earth Day, but it’s taking longer to write up than I anticipated. It should be ready in a day or two. It will be the first of several recipes featuring mandarin oranges, a cherry mandarin-orange rustic tart with cream cheese crust and lavender marmalade glaze. That lavender marmalade is especially delicious and easy to make.


Potato Bread Recipe Updated

Recently, I turned my double-height mini potato bread from a fast-rise to a slow-rise dough with excellent results. The recipe’s been updated with simple instructions for the conversion.

These past weeks I’ve been testing a low-carb cake recipe. The recipe will feature both low-carb and full-carb versions and should be ready in a few days.


Black Chocolate Gotta-Have-Heart Cake Recipe Updated

It’s now called the Spiced Chocolate Gotta-Have-Heart Gobs w/ Lemon-Lavender Creme. As the name suggests, the new recipe is a bit more elaborate than the old one. A gob is a creme-filled cake sandwich, also called a whoopie pie. The “spiced chocolate” refers to Mexican chocolate-inspired flavorings (hot spices, almonds) in the genoise cake. The lemon-lavender creme (made by enhancing a prepared whipped topping) adds an artisanal touch.

Of course, the recipe now has high-resolution pictures too. In fact, this was the last recipe with the older low-res images. From this point on, recipe updates will be far less dramatic than the ones requiring re-shoots have been.


Chai-Spiced Cheesecake Recipe Revised

Happy New Year 2011!!!

The Chai-Spiced Cheesecake was another of the original recipes with low-resolution pictures, so I reformulated the recipe and took new pictures. I also changed the name. It’s now titled Apricot Almond Chai Cheesecake with Black-Tea Biscuit Crust.

Of the many changes to the recipe, the major ones are listed in the title: apricots and almond flavoring in the filling, a low-fat vanilla yogurt and cream cheese batter, a blended almond flour crust with black tea and molasses. Even the construction and baking instructions have been modified, the cake assembled in 3 stages with 2 filling layers and baked at 3 different temperatures for that gooey, sticky texture that seems all the rage.


Slow-Rise, No-Knead Focaccia Recipe Updated

To those who celebrated, happy Thanksgiving!

Previously, I said I was going to revise my first focaccia recipe and jettison the no-knead dough in favor of a kneaded dough, because wet doughs baked into a coarse-textured bread in a slow oven. In the end, I found ways to keep the no-knead dough. The modifications to the recipe include: a thinner loaf (3/4-inch thick), reduced hydration, baking in a foil-covered pan with a new venting perforation pattern, and brushing the focaccia with a browning agent: alkalized basil water or alkalized olive oil. The new venting scheme produces a nice soft bread that’s delicious without toasting if served immediately. Of course, the pictures have been replaced with higher resolution images.

I have two more focaccia recipes that will be published soon. These are thicker breads. One is steamed, the other slow-baked and made from a kneaded dough.


Presto Chango Dehydrator Article Updated

The DIY Presto Chango dehydrator article has been updated once or twice before. I’ve found a dehydration oven so important to my baking that I’m always looking for ways to improve it. The major upgrade this time is stackable trays. Other updates include: operating the cooker without the crock, insulating the components for better heat retention, more ideas for substituting parts, making tray liners and a recipe for apple chips.