No room to put an oven in this tiny space.

Tiny Kitchen In A Studio Apartment

Vapor Baker is dedicated to low temperature baking or baking below 300°F/148°C. Low temperature baking is healthier than conventional baking, giving foods a cleaner taste, fragrant with delicate flavors, and palate-stimulating textures. The main appliances are LTB ovens (accurate in the range from 100°F/38°C to 300°F/148°C), converted slow cookers, steamers and dehydrators or dehydration ovens.

My adventures in low temperature baking began when I moved into a studio apartment. The tiny kitchen was not much larger than this Circle Kitchen by Compact Concepts (though not nearly as stylish). It came equipped with a microwave, a two burner range, a refrigerator, some cabinets and very little counter space. No oven. I love to bake, but there wasn’t enough room for a portable oven, not even a toaster oven (the microwave is terrible for baking).

The one appliance I did buy was a small 1.5 quart slow cooker. I intended to use it not for cooking, but as a heat source for rising bread dough for steamed breads. One day, when I was pondering if it were possible to steam-bake pastries (it is), it occurred to me that I could bake with my slow cooker too. While researching slow-cooker baking, I stumbled into a whole world of warm air (dehydration) baking as well. Thus, I had discovered the 3 paths of low temperature baking: slow baking, steam baking and warm air baking.

None of these techniques are in heavy use for creating bakery-type goods in western cuisines (or in the case of dehydration baking, outside raw cuisine). The long cooking times (hours and even days) and occasionally complicated preparation can be exasperating for the most patient home cooks. Yet, the first pastries I baked at low temperatures were so delicious and the (controversial) research I encountered about the dangers of burned food sparked such concern, I felt encouraged to continue investigating and experimenting.

I will store my notes and findings in the pages here.

For more information about low temperature baking, see Low Temperature Baking: A Journey of Three Paths.

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